Sportive bicycles for the whole family.




All our bikes and gear are brand new and offer the best quality. Quality that lasts.

Friendly Service

Do you have questions about a new bike? Need new tires or a new chain? We’re happy to answer all your questions and do everything in our power t0 help you.


Something not working properly on your bike? We offer transparant and reliable repairs.


Social Rides

Join Bike Shop Uganda’s social rides every Sunday at 07:30 am. The social Rides are for new beginners as well as for the more experienced bikers. If you don’t have a bike, we can facilitate bike rentals. The rides take around 4 hours and we do between 20 and 40km. All social rides start at the shop in Muyenga Contact Marlane the shop manager on +256 784315045 for updated information or join the WhatsApp groups through these links

New bike shop in Entebbe

Bike Shop Uganda just opened a new shop in Entebbe. We are very happy that we can offer bikes and services in Entebbe as well as in Muyenga. The shop can be found, on your left side after the first Traffic Light junction (turnoff to the Sailing club) of Entebbe. Come by to have a look at bikes, get your bikes repaired or serviced, or just hang out an have a coffee and talk about cycling.

  • New catalogue!
    We’re excited to present our new Bike Shop Uganda catalogue 2022. We’ve got our first shipment in! Limited sizes and colors available, get them while you can! Download our new … Read more